How do you stay actively engaged with your audience post-program?
How are your participants supported with their progress?

Whether you're a coach, trainer, program leader or event planner, you can create affordable and effective community engagement that keeps your audience inspired, motivated, empowered and connected around your content!

Most events and programs have NO ongoing support
in place AFTER their events are complete.

This can cause participants to lose touch with their goals and each other, and fall back into old habits and ways of thinking. For most event planners & program leaders, the connection with their audience ends there. But what if you could keep them actively engaged with you and each other, well after your events/programs are over?Our Custom Community provides ongoing mentoring and peer support for your participants to continue the growth they started at YOUR events/programs. The system is designed to let you interact with your audience and grow your outreach into an active, long-term following simply and easily, with minimal time/effort (while giving your participants a long-term support system which keeps them connected with you and each other on an ongoing basis).

Your best customers are the ones you already have.

  • The probability of selling to existing customers is 60-70% (vs. 5-20% for new prospects)

  • Market your products/events to an active community of dedicated consumers (significantly increases click-through rate on emails/messages)

  • Create natural sales funnels for your products & events (custom courses & groups with integrated “Gamification” & goal-planner elements)

  • Interact with & grow your outreach simply & easily (gives you an active, self-sustaining community of “primed,” dedicated consumers for new products or events)

  • Works for many types of events/programs (teleconferences, courses, workshops, webinars, live/online events, retreats, support/study groups, masterminds & more)

  • Can be a huge upgrade from a Facebook group (passive, unfocused, difficult to market to)


Custom Community Platform,
Planner + Success Formula

Shared/Custom Communities


Find inspiration, get motivated & stay connected with like-minded individuals & groups interested in self-discovery & improvement in this FREE Online Community!


A place for Networking, Connection, Learning & Support ~ An active, integrated community engagement platform for your Business & Educational programs.


Custom Community Platform, Planner + Success Formula

Shared/Custom Planners

Journey Inward

Guiding you on your journey as you create your dream life ~ This handheld life-planner helps you find your inspiration, plan your goals & achieve your dreams!


A personalized Life Planner product created from our “Journey Inward” Planner and built around your inspiring content.

Coaching Program

How do you stay actively engaged with your audience POST-funnel?
How are your participants supported AFTER your events/programs?

I will help you build a sustainable support system with minimal time/effort, so you can leverage existing connections to create more revenue, and stay connected with your audience after your sales funnel is complete.~ Trevor Thomas

  • Discovery Process ~ Decide which elements & platforms are best suited to your events/programs

  • Planning/Systems ~ Map out ideal Customer Journey from start to finish; co-create Community Engagement Outline; build a complete Community Management & Sustainability model

  • Setup/Integration ~ Integrate your new support system into your live/online event or program; create goal-planner elements & add to the post-event process; build out group & community elements

  • Training/Support ~ Community Management & Moderation training; Oversee launch,

  • Add-On ~ Monitor initial progress (incl. 3 monthly check-ins)

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On Path


Trevor Thomas ("Step Into your BIGness!") is the author of "Reminders from Within" and the owner of LightWerx Media (Conscious Web, Print & Media Design).He is an International speaker, program leader and coach on "Creating Change through Inspired Action & Ongoing Support". He is also the creator of The Journey Inward (Self-Growth Planner & Community Hub) and On Path Solutions.

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Custom Community Platform

How It Works

  1. You invite your members: You send participants an invitation or a link to the member signup page.

  2. They view inspiring media: Your members login and view inspiring quotes, personal stories and other media that others post, and are inspired and moved by them.

  3. They post their own & begin participating: They can then add their own favorite meaningful quotes and personal stories, participate in forum discussions, or add comments/insights to other posts (that inspiration can then be auto-posted to your social media accounts to help draw more exposure to your website, and to help grow awareness of your member-related programs & events).

  1. They join groups & start working on personal growth: They can also view members and see their posts and groups, as well as in what categories they are available for groups or accountability partnerships (then they can request to join an existing group, or start their own and invite others to join). The groups are organized systems that allow individuals to create and manage groups & relationships, receive notifications, set goals & events, have conference calls or chat room meetings and discussion groups on an ongoing basis.

  2. They share their activity & track their growth: Starting groups, attending events and sharing posts gets members Growth points, levels and badges that help them track their personal growth in their areas of interest (they can also set personal goals and share them with others).

  3. They attend new events & start the process over again: They will continually receive automated messages and email prompts reminding them of upcoming group calls or leadership responsibilities, and upcoming event opportunities they can attend (once they return from those events, new groups are formed and new accountability partnerships that can all be folded back into the existing community).

Member Features

Rewards for course progress, group/community activity, sharing & supporting each other (points, levels, badges & store discounts!)

Facebook-level functionality
(wall, friends, groups, messages, etc.) + status updates, interests, favorites, achievements & more!*

Post/comment on inspiring content (share public posts, comments & activity on Social Media)

Set goals & reminders, track their progress & share their achievements

Find support from peers, coaches & admins in group/community forums & the Help Center

Community Components

Connect your audience with your event/program experience

Turn their inspiration into realistic goals & action steps

Ongoing support helps them build sustainable life changes


Integrates with your events/programs (move participants seamlessly into your Course & Online Community)


Goal-planning tools & functionality (personalized around your event/program, & integrated with the Community)


Our unique standalone site functionality with your brand/messaging (members area, store, courses, social network, +)


  • Community Outline: Co-create your community engagement model (integrate marketing opportunities & optional add-on recommendations)

  • Content Resources: Our own baseline content integrated into your site (group & course templates, forum assets, Terms & Agreements, Gamification resources & content templates)

  • Group Management Outline: Build a complete community management & sustainability model (incl. additional resources & templates)

  • Team Training: Site management & moderation training (incl. additional resources & templates)

  • Oversight: Oversee site launch, monitor initial progress (3/mo. check-ins, adjustments & recommendations)


  • Inspiration: Personal growth areas created from your event/program content (Re-Integration process)

  • SMART Goals: Members create goals around their personal growth areas (integrates with the Community where they receive ongoing peer/group support)

  • Steps/Reminders: Members create milestones, action steps & reminders in the site's Event Calendar & To-Do lists (integrates with groups & profiles)

  • Support: Members connect in groups and forums to find support around their goals

  • Completions: Members share their completions (in the community & on social media) & get peer encouragement & site rewards!

  • Journaling: Members can journal about their experiences along the way


  • Marketing: Market to your community directly any time (advertise your upcoming events, products or group events)

  • Facebook-level functionality: Plus journaling, goal-planning, reward system, profiles, forums, inbox, chat (Messenger-style), groups & more!

  • Event Calendar: Built-in notification/RSVP system for your upcoming group events (calls, chat sessions, video-conferences, etc.)

  • Forum: Built-in forum where members can get support from you (&/or your coaches) or each other around your custom topics

  • Staff Support: Add coaches & staff to your community as group leaders or forum support (incl. custom profiles for member types)

  • Custom Content: Create new posts, pages, groups, courses, products & other site content

  • Membership Levels: Set a monthly subscription rate for different member levels (paid/free).

  • Community Management: WordPress-based editor lets you easily manage your community

Custom Planner Product



Editable PDF

Integrates with Community Groups

Our Custom Planner is a personalized Life Planner product created from our “Journey Inward” Planner (more info), and built around your inspiring content.Using your articles, stories, workbook questions, quotes and other content, we create a custom product you can hand out at your events to help your participants get inspired, create/track their goals around your message, & achieve their dreams!

Planner Elements

Your Planner also links with your Custom Community (or one of our other community platforms) in a very unique way: As people continue to use it, they will be able to connect with your other Planner users to find inspiration and support around the inspiring content in YOUR Custom Planner (you will also be able to connect with them whenever you want, & market to them about upcoming events & products).


  • Custom Professional Cover Design (samples): Softcover or casewrap hardcover; 6”x9” 180 pgs. B&W

  • Custom-Branded Pages: Front page, section title pages & page header area

  • Custom Content: Your articles, quotes, quote-images or custom content fill the Inspiration section (+ custom intro page)

  • More pages, color pages & other customizations at $85/hr.

Select Past Projects App Member Pro
Win Master Series LifeWorks University A-List Hero A-List Teen

Wow! I had seen Trevor present his website design work and was impressed enough to ask him to build a website for our online school, LifeWorks University. What he created is a masterpiece... This has given our global student body not only the means to learn the principles and practices to create the life of their dreams, it has given them a sense that they are a part of a worldwide community with no borders and no boundaries." ~ Don Cote, PhD, LifeWorks U"Trevor is a visionary! We had an idea and he quickly expanded it and took us to a new level. He helped us create the back end and then launch our customized learning portal,, where we have the video content of our high-end programs for our small-business clients. Trev is definitely a guy to talk to if you're thinking about creative web applications - see if he can expand your ideas, too!" ~ Pete Winiarski, Win Enterprises, LLC"Trevor did an absolute great job at setting up our online LMS & community for LifeWorks university." ~ Adam Schizkoske, LifeWorks U"A delight to work with... professional, honest & knows his stuff. Highly recommend Trevor!!!!!" ~ Robin Bersson, A-List Hero/Teen

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If you're interested in building ongoing community support for your tribe,
please schedule a conversation/demo with Trevor:

Trevor Thomas (Step Into your BIGness!) is the author of "Reminders from Within," and the owner of LightWerx Media (Conscious Web, Print & Media Design).He is an International speaker, program leader and coach on "Creating Change through Inspired Action & Ongoing Support". He is also the creator of The Journey Inward (Planner & Community Platform), and On Path Solutions.

Top ^

Custom Community ~ Signup Process

These are the questions that determine the overall cost and scope of your community site (customization & structure questions come later):

Pro Community

Pay In Full


+ $500/yr.

- No Monthly Costs ~ Includes hosting, license & maintenance fees
- Done-For-You ~ build, customize, content input, test & launch
- Trainings & Support ~ Access to Video/Live Trainings & support
- 1 mo. turnaround time
- All add-ons included!

Payment Plan

$2k/mo. x 3

+ $500/yr.

- No Monthly Costs ~ Includes hosting, license & maintenance fees
- Done-For-You ~ build, customize, content input, test & launch
- Trainings & Support ~ Access to Video/Live Trainings & support
- 1 mo. turnaround time
- All add-ons included!

Monthly Installments

$600/mo. x 12

+ $500/yr.

- No Monthly Costs ~ Includes hosting, license & maintenance fees
- Done-For-You ~ build, customize, content input, test & launch
- Trainings & Support ~ Access to Video/Live Trainings & support
- 3 mo. turnaround time
- All add-ons included!

Base Community

Pay In Full


+ $400/yr.

- No Monthly Costs ~ Includes hosting, license & maintenance fees
- Done-For-You ~ Designed to fit your brand, customized with your content & launched with your domain
- Trainings & Support ~ Access to Video/Live Trainings & support

Payment Plan

$1.25k/mo. x 3

+ $400/yr.

- No Monthly Costs ~ Includes hosting, license & maintenance fees
- Done-For-You ~ Designed to fit your brand, customized with your content & launched with your domain
- Trainings & Support ~ Access to Video/Live Trainings & support

Monthly Installments

$350/mo. x 12

+ $400/yr.

- No Monthly Costs ~ Includes hosting, license & maintenance fees
- Done-For-You ~ Designed to fit your brand, customized with your content & launched with your domain
- Trainings & Support ~ Access to Video/Live Trainings & support
- 3 mo. turnaround time

Additional 3rd-Party Enhancements

- Expert App ~ Build a dedicated App around your community (with community integrations)
- Mobile Bus. Card ~ Create a custom mobile landing page for your community
- Custom Planner ~ Goal-planning book (print-on-demand), editable e-book &/or online course created around your content (for use in events/programs, or on your website)
- AIMI (coming soon)
- Webinar Platform (coming soon)
- Listings Directory Booklet
- Social media custom-branded banner & ad 'Canva' templates (for use in social media promotions)
[ ] $200/mo. | Coaching:
Now that you have your online community, I can help you figure out how to run it! Here's some of the things we can work on together:
- Map out ideal Customer Journey from start to finish
- Co-create Community Engagement Outline
- Build a complete Community Management & Sustainability model
- Community Management & Moderation training (build your setup, support & moderator team)
- Sample suggestions:
- Hire a virtual assistant to handle ongoing support & site tasks
- Offer members discounts on Listings (or other products/services) in exchange for site moderation & other ongoing tasks)
[ ] Listings Directory (
[ ] Merch (add some print-on-demand MPJ merch to the store)
[ ] Digital Business Card (ex.
[ ] Press/Media page (ie.
[ ] App (like what I'm building for The Journey Inward through, but if you set up a meeting with Robert, he'll give you better pricing than what's on the website)
[ ] Mitzvah & Memory Wall (goes in community): Pay to add a banner or pay more to add a tribute page, ie. (date, about paragraph, image, etc.) using (programmed pgs.: about section, memory, mitzvah celebration, etc. Make a custom listing for the full version)
[ ] Paid Ads/Sponsors: or (shortcodes)
[ ] MPJ Podcast (I recommend using something like this instead of your website to host it:
[ ] Custom Hosted E-Courses: Let members host/sell their courses through the site (make a custom sales page for course hosting, ie.
[ ] Setup AffiliateWP (personal plan: Provide a unique code or URL to affiliates to "sell" directory listing purchases (can also track member purchases & integrate into member profiles & "gamification " elements), + these plugins:
[ ] Live Chat: We can add Live Chat support to your site through Hubspot, which we already have it just needs to be set up ($50-100 for setup):
[ ] Social login: Let members Login to your site using Facebook, Google, etc.
[ ] Auto-Posting: Auto-post news/updates, blog posts, products, course & listings to social media (& to your App, if you get one) & to Web/App Push Notifications (setup auto-posting & rotating posts, to help draw in new members)
[ ] Better listing ratings:
[ ] Better listing maps (ex.
[ ] Ratings Badge:
[ ] Add multiple contributors to one listings franchise (custom programming)
[ ] Member Chat (Facebook Messenger-style)
[ ] Gamification: Add into the site (points, badges, rewards & product discounts)
[ ] Journaling: Members can journal about their experiences along the way
[ ] Group Invite Code: Auto-add new members to groups via a member signup code
[ ] Encouragement: Send encouraging messages to friends around their achievements
[ ] "Expert" Profiles: Enhanced profile features (showcase your products/services on your profile)
[ ] Training Programs: Create Training Certification Courses for your members
[ ] Custom MPJ Goal-Planner Product (print-on-demand, E-book &/or E-course on MPJ):
[ ] Sub-groups: Let members create multiple groups inside other groups (useful for creating a public group with hidden members-only groups inside... works with integrated courses, etc.)
[ ] Custom Pages: Let Members add custom-created pages to groups/profiles
[ ] Moderator Rewards: Reward members for group management & moderation (part of Gamification)
[ ] Landing pages: Create custom landing pages for member products, events, courses, etc. & host them on your site (ie.,,
- Virtual Event Templates ~ Host members' virtual events on your site (custom landing/event pages, integrated Zoom rooms, etc.)

FAQs About Pricing & Financing

- What does it mean to "License" this platform? We built this technology as a "Platform" that we license instead of us charging 10's of thousands of dollars to create an app for you from the ground up. We thought of pretty much everything that will make this a powerful and effective app for you and since the app will be white labeled to you, offered by you in your own account on the app store, we need to make sure you understand that we are licensing you this technology, not giving it to you. The agreement we send you is straight forward with no surprises so you know you are getting an incredible deal.
- How are payments made each month? When? If you choose the 3-payment option, these payments are made by credit card or debit card automatically each month. The charge will go through each month from the day you signed up.
- What is the $199 maintenance fee for? This fee applies AFTER the first year for your payment or deposit covers that fee for the first year. This fee covers our time to reset app technology connections, certificates and connections to the services your app use (push notification technology and developer accounts). This typical takes our team a few hours to handle each year so we need to charge this fee to cover those costs.
- Who owns the content in the app? All content you input into your app through the web portal, all graphics you use to brand it to your business and the list and clients you build from your app is 100% your property. We only own the "code" behind the app that runs the platform but when it comes to the content and intellectual property you have that goes into it, that is yours!
- How long does it take to launch an app? How long it takes really depends on how fast you take the steps to get what is needed to launch it on the app stores. We walk you through EVERY step of the process to create the look of the app by you simply answering questions and providing us with graphics we need. You'll then need to setup two app store accounts and then after that you'll just need to add content to your app through the web portal. We provide training and support for ALL of this. You do NOT need to be a tech genius to work with us to create your app.
- Who launches the app on the app stores? Which app stores will they go under? We will handle the launch for you. When you app is ready and tested and reviewed by you, which you will do on your own phone before it's live, we then handle the process of submitting the app to the iPhone and Google Play (Android) app stores under your own accounts.

Custom Community

Hosting & Maintenance ~ Subscription

  • Hosting + SPM ($400/y.)

  • LMS + ProPanel ($100/y.)

  • Dir./Event/Mbr. Plugins ($200/y.)

  • Maintenance ($200/y.)

Are you a coach, speaker, workshop leader or event planner in the Personal Growth industry? Are you looking to reach a new audience, grow your business and make a positive impact in the world?

I would like to add you to our Experts directory, and promote you in the Journey Inward app & community! All I ask in return is for you to promote YOUR Journey Inward listing (along with my upcoming Webinar on building post-program engagement) to your list!~ Trevor Thomas, Founder

The Journey Inward App & Community Website
is a FREE hub of Personal Growth where members can find inspiration, motivation & connection around their own Personal Growth goals: Create/join groups or connect directly with like-minded peers/experts, and use integrated tools/support to Create Lasting Change.

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Use these tools in your events/programs to grow your outreach, build a long-term following & keep your audience actively engaged around YOUR message with minimal time/effort!

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